Field Inspection Services

Our inspection service products are geared toward inspection and verification of collateral, equipment, and real property. Services include leased equipment inspections, general site inspections, business verifications, commercial collections, merchant cash inspections, and franchise inspections, along with a variety of asset and vehicle condition reports.

Leasing companies, funders and lease-brokers have long relied upon Asset IQ’s detailed equipment lease inspection reports for field verification of nearly any type of equipment. While originally designed to meet the stringent risk management needs of the leasing industry, our inspection reports are an ideal verification solution for non-lease transactions as well. Should your lessee/borrower become delinquent, our “collection” version of this inspection provides the same information plus attempts to put you in contact with your customer regarding payment arrangements.

Lenders utilize our site inspection reports during the pre-funding due diligence process and for regular portfolio management. Clients can choose between our comprehensive internal/external site inspection report and our concise, yet economical “drive-by” verification report.

Our merchant site inspection report provides clients with a fast, nationwide and cost-effective means to prevent fraud and evaluate credit risk in the field. The on-site inspection provides verification of merchant information, business conditions and active credit card terminals.